Friday, January 20, 2012

Our New Home

We arrived in Nairobi, Kenya on January 8th after a long but enjoyable flight. We flew over the Alps, which was so beautiful, but I did not have my camera to let you in on the fun. The Lewis family, and two journey girls (Alyssa and Mindy) picked us up at the airport and have helped us while we get our feet wet. We spent our week in Nairobi stocking up on the many things that you cannot get here in Loki. We packed the moving truck with our supplies, gas fridge, gas stove, and a few of their belongings and hit the road for a two day drive north.

On the drive up, we saw zebra, baboons, impala, and I missed those camera opportunities as well. However, while driving through the Rift Valley, I did have my camera handy but the picture does not do it justice. We stayed over night in Kitale and then drove the next day finally arriving at our new home in Lokichogio on Monday evening. Here is what it looks like after a lot of cleaning:

Yea for toilets and toilet paper!

                           Our room with my bug safety zone...Hey, I am a girl, so it is expected.

                                    Guest Bedroom...working on the bug free zone for this one.
                                                  Wait, two bathrooms?! How cool is this?
                                                 Our relaxing area with a makeshift table.

                                    And that is how we get around out here....think its big enough?
                    So, guess what surprise comes with the house...a mouse eater...guess it can stay.
                                               Our giant yard, but home to many cool birds.
We are getting adjusted, slowly but surly. Knowing that people are daily praying for us is helping us get through those moments of homesickness. God has been so good to us and has blessed us with: solar panels (which provide electricity during the day), batteries (which provide it at night), internet (slow but sooo thankful for this since it is not accessible in South Sudan), back up generator, and a water tank which provides running water. We begin language learning soon, but have already had opportunities to share Christ. To God be all the glory!


  1. praying for you both! and your families! God bless!

  2. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! Thank you for the news and esp. the pictures! Praying for you continually. Wish I could get some boric acid to you somehow.
    We had planned to drop by in our helicopter, but since there's no bug net in the guest room, we may wait a bit.

  3. Ahh! So excited...thank you for sharing. Lifting you guys up!