Saturday, February 9, 2013

Casting your Cares

The past few months have really been an axious time for us.  Our first Christmas away from family, saying goodbye to many friends, moving into South Sudan and leaving baby Christians who still have a lot to learn. However, we have seen God take impossible circumstances and turn them into occasions for praise. So below is a quick timeline of how we have seen God work the past few months:


He provided opportunities like the bull roast in Nanum to see some of the most unreached Turkana come to know Him.  Everyday we have been reminded that God can take two ordinary people and do extrodinary things.

For Christmas, we missed our time away from family, but were flooded with letters, emails and encouraging notes from friends back home.  We also grew a lot closer to our friends in Loki by spending a traditional Christmas and New Years with them.


A few weeks ago, God provided a solid man of God, a Turkana named Emanuel as well as called our friend Pastor Jon to continue to disciple our new brothers and sisters in Nanum.


We ended up having to make several trips across the S.Sudan Border, but God worked everything out.   It honestly could not have gone any smoother at the border.

We are flooded with new friends who are welcoming us here in South Sudan and we are already seeing many opportunities for ministry and discipleship.

We had to travel back to Loki to gather a few more things, and our Christmas packages had arrived saftley. It was Christmas in February, but it couldn’t come at a better time for us!

And, just in case you are completely confused:

On 2/4 we moved about 4 hours north of Lokichoggio into South Sudan. Our supervisors are on furlough in the states. During the next 6 months, we will be living in their house while we are building our house in S.Sudan about 2 hours south east of them.  This move came with us not only crossing from Kenya into South Sudan, but also crossing from the Turkana tribe to the Toposa tribe. Be sure to check out our upcoming newsletter for differences between Turkana and Toposa tribes.

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