Saturday, November 14, 2015

Language Interruptions

It was only two days after my overnight stay at the cattle camp, and we were back into every day life. The team had left and we had started back our language classes. It was a routine day, when all of a sudden our teacher got a phone call.  I was only able to hear a few words of ½ a conversation but I knew something was wrong.  I heard the words tall grass, buffalo, tree, car, and man.  I thought to myself, wow, my language is slipping this doesn’t make any sense.  Finally our teacher connected the dots. One of the men we had just met was taking his cows out to find grass when out of nowhere a Cape Buffalo appeared. It charged directly at him and the 2000 lb. animal flung him sideways into a tree.  The animal’s momentum carried him past the man but he quickly turned around to attack one more time.  The man was able to crawl into some tall grass and hide until the buffalo finally left.  One of our teammates was needed to go pick the man up in our vehicle and take him to the closest hospital.  It was nothing short of a miracle that the man not only survived, but also suffered no major wounds. He was discharged from the hospital a few days later.  As we begin to ask questions we found at that, while we slept right beside this man two nights earlier, we had actually met him about a week ago. He was one of several men who had decided recently to be a follower of Jesus and be baptized. Pray that he will use his miraculous story of survival as a testimony to the power of His savior.

                                          Visiting our teacher Ngole's home

The man featured in this story is one of these four men whom we had the privilege of watching be baptized.

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