Sunday, March 4, 2012

"What can Wash Away my Sins..."

The beat of a drum, the a cappella chorus, and the swaying of the small congregation all collided together to form a heartfelt, nothing-held-back worship.  After over an hour drive through a deserted land, we had arrived at this small church in a nearby town. As I closed my eyes, my ears were flooded with the sound of deep, heartfelt worship from these African believers as they sang “Nothing but the blood” in their native tongue. I am convinced that there is no better sound in the world. It is a sound my heart has longed for for many years. I remember being in college dreaming of the day I would worship with African believers. My prayer now is that I will worship and sing these songs with Toposa believers one day. A sudden breeze came and stirred my thoughts back to the present. I opened my eyes to the coolness of rain as the choir was still singing at the top of their lungs. The rain pattered on the tin roof and the smell of dust and smoke faded as the clean rain swept it away. It was just a short rain shower, but it was enough to bring fresh air. Still surrounded by the African voices, my glance turned outside as I peered through a small window beside me. The sight was a beautiful scene that neither words nor pictures could capture. The sun peeked through as the rain clouds faded. The beams of sun shone on the landscape of mountains speckled with villages near and far. Hut after hut, each representing people, families, God’s special creation. So many people, lost and hurting and so little time. The task seems overwhelming, but I’m reminded of the words of Pastor Tyler, “The task is big, but our God is bigger!” As I looked around, I saw men and women who have endured great hardships, yet just like the rain, they have been cleansed by the precious blood of Jesus. This doesn’t mean their life will get easier, but it means they have a Heavenly Father who promises so much more after this life. It means that faith in Christ alone can wash away sins!


  1. Hi! I'm so happy that we have the technology to keep up with the two of you. Please know that I pray for you daily and know that God has blessed you with the special gifts that you are using in such a special way.

  2. Beautiful beautiful visual! The song, the rain, the villages, the people, the hope! God bless you my beloved ones. I pray for you often.

    Love from Aunt Lynna