Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do's and Dont's

Just a few months ago, we were fully independent. Im not talking about the patriotic kind, but general independence. Since moving to Africa, we have had to become completely dependent on others. Dependent on the nationals, dependent on each other, and most of all dependent on God,  not just for each day, but for each moment. We feel like children wondering around this new world. Barley knowing the culture, the language, the people or even the 'dos' and 'donts'. We rely heavily on the nationals that have taken us under their wing. Grace, Morine, Paul, Francis, Jon and David are just to name a few. Please remember these great Kenyans in your prayers as they take care of us lost Americans. 

Some do's and don'ts we have learned:

Don't: think a simple 'hello' will do
Do: stop, & actually talk to the person-people are above tasks here (hard for this 'type A' to grasp)

Don't: wear them while walking on anything other then the dirt road. This place has to be near the garden of Eden, because it is the most cursed with thorns that I've ever seen.
Do: Watch your step and brace for impact
Don't: Expect to get everything on your list, it will be in next week (maybe)
Do: Greet the store workers first thing, it will take you far in life

Don't: have your expectations so low that you don't try things
Do: explore and have fun...mashed potatoes, steak and green beans are possible here!

Don't: go by it, throw it out the window
Do: When you hear the singing, it is time to start walking to church

Don't: expect high toxic insecticide to kill them...I think it just makes them stronger
Do: When all else fails, use the can

Restaurants (AKA Hotels here): 
Don't: ask for a menu, unless you are bored and want some reading material
Do: bet on beans & rice always being in abundance

Being Different
Dont: worry if children cry and run when they see you
Do: Get used to being different and stared at (notice the baby beside me in this picture)

African Culture
Dont: try to make sense of it
Do: Enjoy it! There is no place we would rather be, then with these people we love.

Things are different, but who said we were ever doing it right in the first place. We are just learning to be learners again.

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