Sunday, June 17, 2012

Conservative living

Don’t worry, Im not talking about the upcoming elections and Im not talking about the evils of dancing. Im talking about a new definition of clean. When we returned from Zambia in May, it felt good to be home, but little did we know, we had more training waiting before us. You see, the town’s generator that pumps water to our compound was broken. That was nothing new, since it would break about every week, but it was always fixed within a day or two. That is not the case this time, this time it is really broken. As the water in our tank got less and less, we knew we couldn’t just wait it out this time. So, we started to think of our options. There are many bore holes in Lokichoggio, and we would be more then happy to fetch our water there, but we need jerry cans to carry it in and they are impossible to get a hold of here. Before we had a chance to get stressed or to panic, God provided.  We found out they have delivery boys here, just like Dominoes! They load their bikes with four jerry cans (about 8 gallons) and deliver them around town. So, we have water brought to our house on a bike every other day. We are so thankful that God takes care of us, even in the little things. We have learned that 4 gallons a day can go a long way, and that there were many ways we used to waster water. I’ve learned to wash dishes, wash clothes, cook our food, cook the dogs food, clean and bathe with just a fraction of the water I used to. We just had to figure out a system and the ways to reuse water.  We are thankful for this new perspective, and seeing how it is barley a ‘hardship’ in light of the true hardships these nationals go through everyday, we have turned our complaining into praise.


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