Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A few weeks ago, Jonathan had the opportunity to do a flyover of our territory. An AIM pilot took Jonathan and Shannon (our team leader) over the area that our people live. It is vast, covering more than 12,000 square miles. Shannon has split the territory in half, since we are the only two families (IMB) targeting this people group. 
As you can see, there is no Wal-Mart here.

Just miles and miles of grassy plains and mountains with villages scattered throughout.

Most villages in our area are on the other side of these swamps and rivers.

With no paved road or bridges this cuts them off during rainy season (1/2 the year).

You won't get claustrophobic here.

During the flight, they were able to find the location of the large pockets of villages, find the best way to access them, and plan a better strategy for bringing them the Gospel.

This is Loki, our home until we move up.

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