Monday, October 1, 2012

What a Surprise!

Over the past few months, we have been delightfully surprised to go to our PO Box and find letters, packages, and boxes. We cannot thank you enough! It never fails-when it has been one of those “Boy I miss home” days, there is an encouraging letter awaiting us. Trust me, this is not a guilt trip for those who haven’t been able to send one, since we would probably fall in that category if the roles were reversed. This is simply a public thank you for those who have pain stakenly hand written a note or packaged up a few goodies. I know you wish to be unnamed, so you know who you are! We have received drink mixes (really help the water go a long way), seasoning packets (helps the beef go down), colored pictures (which are hanging all over our walls), letters of encouragement (which are all over our fridge), summer sausage (Jonathan is saving for his birthday), mac and cheese (made our anniversary special), instant sides (great for those long days), and the list goes on. I never put out a ‘wish list’ and you knew exactly what we needed, so thank you. As for those who have not sent a letter or package, wipe the sweat from your forehead because there are no worries! We honestly know you still love and pray for us, and that is enough!

Yeah for fun wallpaper! It sure does brighten up our home!

We are thankful for the beef and goat we can get here, but the taste is not like we are use to. Thank you for helping the meat go down!

We have been able to spread this out and make it last. One Jolly Ranger a day can go a long way.

Jonathan is one happy man (thanks to his sister, cousin, aunt, uncle and parents).

6th year anniversary dinner complete with steaks and yummy sides.

Now that Loki has chicken, the possibilities are endless.

We have had many people ask, so here are the basic things we can buy here. 
Meat: Beef, goat and now chicken! Veggies: Tomatoes, onions, potatoes, collard greens (from our garden) and occasionally carrots, avacodos, and apples. Other: Tomatoe paste, romaine noodles, spag noodles, flour, sugar, coca, powdered/shelf milk, and other random stuff.

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