Saturday, October 13, 2012

Loki Tour

Welcome to the official Lokichoggio (aka Loki) tour. We know that after the tour, y'all will be jumping in line to buy your plane tickets. Loki consist of one main paved road with two branching dirt roads. We honestly love this little Mayberry town. It used to be bustling and busy, as it was the main hub for NGO's when Sudan was in war. Now that the country has split, so have all the white people and business. It literally is a ghost town now, which is one main reason we love it. Here is the tour, starting at our home and circling the town. Now don't blink, or you might miss this little ol' town.

Our compound-See grandma, I do work...sometimes.

Our home sits on about 5 acres, just outside of town.

Just outside our compound you will find a gang of young boys who kill all the birds around the town using homemade slingshots. Thus we have dubbed them the 'slingshot boys.'

This is for all you green people out there...our internet is charged by the wind. No wind, no Facebook.

Once leaving our home, you come to our lovely round about.

Entering town and on your left, you will see that we have a decent airport.

Just around this curve is the start of the town.

Paved roads, yeah, almost there...

There it is! Here you can buy charcoal (made by the local women), oil, flour and basic cooking items.

This is Main street and where all the action takes place, can't you tell?

This is down one of the two side streets. It is here you see most of the closed stores and shops. 

Didn't we tell you? We have a Walmart! Express shopping-You point at random objects you want, they get them for you, and then tell you a total price.

This is the seasonal river that flows when it rains. This is the only road to S.Sudan, so when it is raining, you are stuck here.

After circling through town, this road is the back way home.

 It is also the route of all the herds and shepherds. Yes, these little boys are shepherds.

Thanks for spending a day with us in Loki, we hope you have enjoyed the tour. 

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  1. These are beautiful photos of your "new" home. I'm happy to see that you have such awesome beauty around you. Certainly makes me realize how much I have! Miss you - thankful for your willingness to spread the word to those who might not otherwise hear. Hugs.